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Sunday, June 19, 2011

You're Living the Dream Baby!

Cole had a dream. A chicken dream. A dream to raise his very own Silkie chicks. The incubator would not suffice to keep up with all of the eggs he was gathering (although he has started on the road to making his worldly riches through this source so that he could continue to feed the other birds in his dream). His dream expanded to broody hens hatching their own little chicks to grow up into broody hens to hatch more of their own little chicks. His dream has been realized at last. Oh the sweet taste of success! One little chick hatched out by a faithful hen with several more eggs to go.And to add sweet to sweetness, another hen went broody and has her own clutch of eggs. The barn cat has a dream, too (and if we don't hurry up and get some projects finished around here so that we can start a Silkie chicken coop the cat's dream just might be fulfilled).

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Brenda said...

Congratulations to Cole on his chicks. I hope they stay safe.... my barn cats are the reason why my chicks go to Tonia's house to live! I hope Cole's chicken dream comes true. Something I always told my Girl Scouts was "Dare to dream a dream and then make it happen!"