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Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Cole the chicken man informed me that today is the day our Light Brahma pullets could start laying eggs. I just may go squeeze a few hens if it isn't today as I am so ready to have some farm fresh eggs again.

I proved myself right again around here by selling the little pullets that we bought along with our meat birds for resale. Rob even acknowledged (if not begrudgingly but only to amuse me) that another one of my crazy animal schemes might have been worth risking. A very nice young couple from Craigslist bought them. We enjoyed the visit as much as we appreciated the sale. I actually came ahead a little bit so I can go buy more chicken feed for those monstrous meat birds.
And talking about meat birds~ we are about 5 weeks into this new adventure. I am still not convinced if I will raise them next year. They eat like pigs! And are soooo messy! Cole and I are experimenting with alternative food sources (cheese, whey, grass and corn) along with the expensive chicken feed. They are growing nicely and in another month or so we will see if our labor was worth the effort. It will be nice, either way, to have a freezer full of chicken.


Brenda said...

Terri - Your chickens are beautiful. I love my Light Brahmas and their eggs. They seem to have a firmer white part of the egg than my other chickens. We really enjoy eating them!

If you have any extra goat milk, your meat chickens would love it. Something my Grandmother would give her chicks as they grew was what she called "clabbered" milk. All you do is sit the raw milk out at room temp for several hours till it gets thick and pour it into shallow pans for them to eat. It's a great source of protein and calcium as well as all the other great things in goat's milk. They should grow great on it. I can't remember my grandmother feeding her chicks anything else ... she probably did, but they ate the clabbered milk first!

ronn20 said...

Thanks for the link to your blog Terri, we have been blessed by it. We have some mutual friends from your church that I (Carrie) do a Bible study with, so it was quite a suprise to connect the dots, I've prayed for you before we met you! The chicks are doing great, btw and the boys have so much fun with them! Love in Christ, Carrie