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Friday, June 17, 2011

This is What it's All About

I saw it as fitting punishment for a capital offense for three young kiddos, but then along came Rob with his happy, chipper attitude and saw it for what it really was. "This is what it's all about" he said. And (once I quit grumbling about my beautiful sweet little blessed children and the cursed ground that keeps on growing weeds) I saw it too. This really is what it's all about. Just being. Being together, working together, growing together, loving and trusting God together.

Smiling little buggers. It's hard to stay mad at them for very long.


pilgrimscottage said...

Yep! that's my kind of fun with family. Gets the job done, too.

Brenda said...

Your garden looks great and your kids look happy. You're building strong bonds when you work together. :D

Something the Lord had to teach me a few years ago is to simply BE in this day. "This is the day the Lord has made. I will rejoice and be glad in it." He had to teach me how to "be" in the day He made.... not thinking about my yesterdays nor about my tomorrows. Simply Be in this day and rejoice in it. It's a lesson I forget lots of times, but always try to get back to. Being in the day He made is where I find my peace. I can't do anything about my yesterdays nor my tomorrows anyway!

Have a wonderful day!

Jeannette said...

Your garden is really big and it looks great. I have a hard time seeing the big picture, it's getting easier as I get older though :)

OurCrazyFarm said...

It's been fun to get your comments Pilgrimscottage~ I'm going to have to come check out your blog!

I've been pondering your comment while I've been weeding my beans today Brenda~ so true, so true. Love gleaning from your advice:)))

Glad to see you back in blogland Jeanette~ I've missed you! (I couldn't find the comment button on your posts:))