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Friday, June 3, 2011

Wittle Wabbits

I know you shouldn't get too attached to your food source, but...... These little critters are soooo cute! Cole bought two rabbits at the local 4-H farm auction a couple of weeks ago and when we got home from camp we got 7 surprises in the bunny cage! It was pretty obvious the night of the auction that he should be expecting babies, but they came before we could even do any research about how long it takes to have baby bunnies and before we could move the momma bunny to a bigger cage with a house. All is well, only 1 little baby died because he insisted on somehow jumping out of the cage one too many times. They are soooo cute! Did I say that already? It's funny tho~ now that we have rabbits everybody and their brother are trying to give us some more..... hmmm... maybe they know something we don't know!

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pilgrimscottage said...

They are too cute. I've eaten rabbits in my day but, I gotta tell you, if I was raising them, they couldn't be my food, too. It's that attachment thing, you know.