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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Sharing our Story

Today I am sharing our story over at Ann Voskamp's sight, A Holy Experience. If you have never visited her blog, you should. It is a feast for the eyes as well as the soul. Sherry directed me over there the other day and I have been blessed by it. Amongst the other encouraging posts, she hosts Walk With Him Wednesdays. Today's topic was The Practice of Faith, where you can link up to share and encourage others in the world-wide-web community. If I was savvy enough to actually know how to place the button and the link here, I would (sorry, pretty much clueless when it comes to all those little details).  Feel free to share, too, if you are so led.

On Friday February 18, 2011, God did the unthinkable in our life: He chose to take our 12-year-old son, Trent, home to heaven in a skiing accident.

It is only considered “the unthinkable” because our plans are not God’s plans, and our ways are not God’s ways.

Before Trent was born we had entrusted the Lord with his life and had asked Him, above all else, to bring salvation to our son. Our greatest desire was that he would be used in a mighty way for God’s glory, and that God would let him dwell in heaven for eternity.

God answered our prayers that Friday in a mightier way than we could have imagined, and we have been rejoicing in His good works and His mercies ever since.

Trent was a boy who truly lived. From the very beginning he did what he loved and enjoyed to the full the gifts and skills that God had given him. In his short life he saw much of this world, traveling as far as India, the Bahamas, Bass Pro Shop in Missouri where he explored his favorite destination on his golden birthday, as well as many family camping trips. God instilled a love of hunting and fishing in Trent, and a joy of the great outdoors. Since he was little all he wanted was to turn 12 to be able to go deer hunting. During his 12th year God allowed him to shoot two deer. Trent loved to pick on his siblings Alexis, Cole, Grace, and Micah, to protect his mother, to snuggle with his father, and to be with his friends, especially his best friends: Thomas and Samuel. He tried everything that interested him, even carving his own long bow and succeeding in taxidermy. In his short years he lived life to the fullest.

But as we are all destined to, Trent also died. On Friday, February 18, 2011, we said goodbye to our son as he left for a skiing trip with his friends, not knowing that he would never be coming back home. God says that He knows the number of our days, that He has created each one, and that He will do what He pleases (Psalm 115:3; Job14:5).

God’s standards to enter His kingdom are high: He expects perfection. Trent was not perfect, not even close. God graciously provided His perfect Son, Jesus Christ, as the atonement for our sinfulness and requires that we simply believe and acknowledge Him for it.

For most of his life Trent struggled with his own sinfulness before God. He knew that he was not right before God, and nothing he could do would ever make up for the sins he had committed to make him worthy to enter heaven. In the spring of 2010, God graciously chose to bring salvation to Trent through repentance and the saving grace of Christ Jesus. Trent’s life was transformed and we enjoyed the young fruit in his life as we watched God work.

It was with great peace and much rejoicing, then, that we as his family have sent him off before us and accepted God’s perfect plan for Trent’s life. Our longing is that God would be glorified in what He has done to wake up many to the realization that we are not guaranteed any number of years in this world (Psalm 39:4-5).

On Friday morning we had our son; on Friday afternoon he was gone.

What we have asked so many people since the accident is: “What if it had been you? Where would you be right now?”

We diligently raised Trent up to know his sinful state and taught him what the Word of God says because we know the implications of denying Christ now, and God was gracious to answer our prayers and to save him. Scripture says that the gospel will go forth with much sorrow and heartache. Please let Trent’s short life be a wake-up call to you. We are rejoicing in the sorrow because we know where our son is and that we will one day be with him again for eternity because of our own salvation.

God's mercies are new every day and His peace does surpass all understanding (Lamentations 3:22-23; Philippians 4:6-7). God has been so gracious to us by blessing us first of all with His peace in His perfect plan. The family and friends who have surrounded us and have lifted us up in prayer are amazing and another testimony to God’s goodness.

It is with great rejoicing that we release our son, Trent, age 12, to our Heavenly Father. Dance before your King, my son.

The Romans road to salvation:
Romans 3:23; 3:10-18; 6:23; 5:8; 10:9; 10:13; 5:1; 8:1; 8:38-39


Wonder said...

thank you for sharing this painful worship. May Jesus hold you close and be comfort in grief.

Renee said...

I just finished her book "One Thousand Gifts" last week on vacation and often thought of you! Wonderful book, makes you stop and think about everything in everyday. I haven't forgotten to get you hubby's notes on Genesis, vacation got in the way. I am in awe that your story is still touching people today, I think God has great things planned for you yet in all of this! Maybe your writing will also come in the form of a book.

Kathy S. said...

I'm in tears. Your faith is beautiful. It's with an eternal perspective we endure. Yours is there. Thank you for telling the story. :)

Ann Voskamp @Holy Experience said...

Your lives are a testament to the glory of Christ, and your son a gift from His hand -- a gift that never stops giving.

Profoundly moved and blessed by you both awe of Christ in you, your story...

With humble thanks for your sharing...
Carrying your words as a precious grace...

Anne said...

Once again I say it, your faith is so beautiful, Terri. God is using you....and Trent.

Sherry Sutherby said...

Terri ~ Sweet Trent, the fisher of men. Such a big job for such a small boy, but he has accomplished so much, on earth and in heaven. Your story always brings me to tears my friend. I'm glad you are enjoying Ann V's site. She's a pig farmer, you know. We farmers have to stick together. Love you - Sherry

goatldi said...

Sherry said "Such a big job for such a small boy, but he has accomplished so much, on earth and in heaven."

But then a child shall lead them. . .

OurCrazyFarm said...

Let all the praise go to Jesus, dear friends, for what He has chosen to do in our lives and for how He has allowed us to respond. I stand in awe with you at the work God is doing! Terri

CSFMarilyn said...

The folks over at Tail Spin Farm directed me your way for 'Trent's Story' -

Thank you for the blessings his story will shower down on many who read it -

It put me in mind of another whose life too, was cut short at an early age - 25 - in a mountain climbing accident.

For whatever our years on earth - ' live a good life...' and it sounds like Trent was on that precious journey!

Dicky Bird said...

Once again in tears...thanks for sharing your story so honestly with readers! Blessings from Ringle, WI

Pamela said...

Just read this in tears. Beautiful and heartrending all at the same time. When our Sarah died our desire was that God would receive glory from her short life. You'll be amazed how God answers that prayer. It sounds like you've already experienced it.

mountain mama said...

this is amazing. love your strength and heart for God.

i simply can't wait to be reunited in heaven with loved ones!

God bless you all~

Patty Sumner said...

Such an awesome display of God's grace in the life of a believer. How else could you do this except for the grace of God upon your life. Yes, your 12 year old has left a legacy of faith and of God's love long after he was taken and I know will continue to do so.....what a legacy! Praise God for your faith and love. Blessings to you and may God's grace continue to be sufficient each day.

Amber said...

Oh, dear sister in Him. I cannot even imagine... Many prayers for you.