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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Goat Stands

Rob and Cole built these wonderful goat milking stands this spring ~they have made our morning chores so much easier. They measure 54" tall to the top of the headstall. The platform is 18" tall.
The platform is 24" x 36", built out of 2x6 lumber. The step is 9 1/4" wide. The 2x4's for the headlock are 36" tall. One of them is securely screwed in (at a slight angle), the other one is cut at an angle and mounted with a hinge on the bottom. After the goat puts their head in to eat there is a chain on the top that is latched to hold it shut.
The feeder hangs over the 2x4, but Cole and I agreed that we would like a platform to hold the feed pail as the goats like to tip it off when they are digging for more sunflower seeds. We salvaged some old car mats from Traci and put them down on the platform. After milking it is easy to just rinse them off outside at the hose. Happy milking!

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