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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Out and About

Last week the kids and I enjoyed taking part in an annual kindergarten field trip day that friends of our host at their farm. A couple of years ago they asked if they could borrow a couple of baby goats and a couple of our kids for the day and it has become a fun tradition that we have continued every spring. We took Jingle and Esther along this year. Esther, who is timid, stood right by me the whole morning and let the kids pet her while Jingle, who is usually friendly and a pest, went crazy most of the morning and didn't want anything to do with being held or pet. The kids also brought their new rabbits with. Oh, I didn't mention our farm now has three rabbits with probably more to come in a month or so? I'll have to get some good pictures and fill you in on the whole story. That's what I get for paying them to work hard around here~ they buy more critters!

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