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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Little Suckers

My mornings and evenings revolve around these two little suckers. Barnabas, the black calf, and Tuff, the little white calf from Traci. They are four week old Holstein bull calves that we are raising on goats milk. They each get half a gallon of milk morning and night along with all the grain they can eat, hay and fresh water. The hope is to wean them at 6-8 weeks old then send them out to the big calf pen and start all over again with another calf, continuing until we run out of fresh milk. We will raise three for butchering and sell any others. And did you see the nice stalls that Rob built? Yours truelly designed it so that calves (or goats) have to put their head through to eat versus having to crawl into the stall to feed calves. The hay feeder is on chains and can be folded up if need be. It works great!


Cathy said...

Ooooo I LOVE those spots!!! I'm happy all is going well!!

God Bless!

Brenda said...

Your calves should do really good on the goat's milk. I love your design for the hay feeder. I've got to figure out something like that for my goats!