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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Friends Like These

Does God provide, or does God provide? I really didn't mean to be whinny this morning, but I was so very grateful when some very special people in my life (who know my morning need for coffee) heard my cry and quickly came to the rescue again. Without warning (shortly after that post and spurred on by his wife) Uncle Jim pulled into our driveway with another one of his gifts~ a brand spanking new coffee pot! And just moments after visiting with him and sending him on his way, my good friend Maddie pulled into the driveway with not one, but two, 20 ounce cups of piping hot black coffee all for me...... my children thank you, I thank you, and I am sure Rob thanks you! If you get blessings for eternity for a single cup of cold water what do you think God has in store for 2 cups of coffee and a coffee pot for a desperate housewife? Thanks guys! I love you! And I'm going to say it again~ thank you dear bloggy friends for all of your sweet words of encouragement, the goofy comments that make me laugh, and your thoughts and prayers as I ramble on. They mean more to me than you will ever know:))


Renee said...

Praise the Lord for sane "like minded":)) Friends!

Teresa said...

I am so glad God has put loving friends in your life. Especially ones that bring coffee;)

Den-san-berg Farms said...

It is such an honor and privilege to call you my friend!