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Thursday, May 19, 2011

I Have This Sister

I have this sister. She looks alot like me. Her name is Traci. She has a bunch of kiddos and is married to this guy who has a fabulous job where he gets to bring home treasures galore. This sister likes to give good gifts, sometimes good great big gifts like docks and picnic tables and swings and refrigerators and vintage wood cook stoves and washing machines. Sometimes they are deposited in my driveway or in my yard with nary a clue of who might have been at the farm when all the vehicles were gone. Sometimes I even go over to her house to pick through her garage and fulfill the salvaging urge that runs deep through my whole being and bring home treasures to hide from Rob. How much do I love you sweet sister? Let me count your way.... One bucket, two buckets, three buckets, four, five buckets, six buckets, seven buckets of raspberry plants. I wonder if even that old washtub was a gift from her?

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*~*~*~*~Tonia said...

What a Sister!!! I have a brother something like that! When I was pregnant with my oldest I was hot and miserable in August. We were living in a trailer with No AC.. He bought a small one to put in our bedroom so I could at least sleep at night. Now how sweet is that? Many other things over the year but that always stuck in my head.