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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Guest Blogger

"Sissy and I"
by my dear sweet sister Traci

After chores tonight,
I wandered out to the little knoll in the pasture,
where we planted the apple tree.

Sissy wandered over,
and I stroked her,
taking in her sweet horse smell.

Under the shining, full moon
we listened to the frogs,
and the Kill-Deer,
and the other horses munching on the grass.
And I stroked her.
And she listened as I talked to her about Trent being in heaven.

We watched the deer in the lower pasture,
grazing on the green grass.
And we were quiet.
And I continued to stroke her.
And she fell asleep.

And we decided together that God is good.
That God is sovereign.
That life does go on.
That it's good to be happy
that Trent is in heaven.

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Maddy said...

Beautiful. Thank you.