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Monday, July 12, 2010

That Kind of Summer

It's been that kind of summer. The kind I said I was not going to have. A summer where we were busy, busy, busy with lots of scheduled activities rather than lazy days to head to the beach or have picnics and books on a blanket in the yard. Long, wonderful horse rides and swimming in the pond were supposed to be the only things pressing on the agenda. But somehow I have gotten called in to work for umpteen weekends in a row, which has made up some for Rob's umpteen weeks in a row of not working 5 days a week. With summer school, and camp, and projects, and the fair things just don't want to slow down. Until this week. This week the hardest I plan on working is to enjoy picking pail after pail of grass for those goats who are banned to their pen~ and then stand there and watch them eat it.
And I'll probably gaze at these guys for a while since I'm out there.
Aaaahh yes! This is the life! I'll enjoy it this week because next week things will be back to full force.

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Sheryl at Providence Acres Farm said...

Does anyone ever make it to a lazy, slow, ideal summer? As much as we plan for that and hope for that, do we ever make it there?

Not here, anyway.

In spite of this, I wouldn't trade our life in the country for living in the city for anything! I love country living!