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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Fairs and Rodeos

The first fair of the season is over. Whew! As fun as it is to create numerous Fair projects for 7 people, it is also good to have the first competition over. Have you ever entered the fair? Oooohh, you don't know what your missing! Besides getting to try your hand at lots of new things, or show off some old things, you get the excitement of seeing your prize ribbons, and to top it all off~ they pay you! Fair entries have been on the top of our list the last few summers, and this year we even got Rob to enter a few items. He has applauded our efforts and thought it was a fun little thing to do with the kids, until he saw that Grand Champion on his butter. Yes, he's officially hooked. The kids worked hard on posters. And sewing projects. And baking, and cooking.And drawing, and writing, and crafts. I entered some drawings, some writing, my dolls, lots of sewing stuff, some soap, baked goods, my checkerboard, eggs and butter, and even some goats milk cheese. All in all we entered roughly 200, give or take, projects. And came home with several ribbons, including 6 Grand Champions! Whoo-hoo! Our little county has 2 fairs, so we are getting geared up to enter the next fair in August. Momma just might get her dishwasher this year babies! As a reward for our hard work we headed up to the Rodeo for their family night performance. One of my favorite inspiring things is a good rodeo. I love the atmosphere of the cowboys and cowgirls that make it all look so easy. Nothing inspires you mid-July to get out there and work with those horses like cowboys driving 6 workhorses while standing up on their bare backs. Or like the 13 horse flag procession put on by those cowgirls in an effortless looking performance. Of course the goats jumping up on top of the pickup truck was also inspiring, but Rob put a cabosh on that idea. But one of the funnest things to watch this year was Micah and his cotton candy. He was so proud to actually have his very own money to buy his very own cotton candy. Blue, baby, and was it ever blue. He ate the whole bag. Well, he did share a bite with his momma. Yummy! Fun summer stuff. Cotton Candy~ it's what traditions are made of up here in rodeo country.


Brenda said...

Wow! Congratulations on all of the fair entries and the prizes you won with them! The rodeo sure looks like lots of fun.

My 6 year old grandson had his first cotton candy a few weeks ago at a baseball game. I think he ate the whole bag too!

Donna OShaughnessy said...

Hey there ! Glad you find my blog and glad I found yours . You made me miss the fair. Spent many years there showing goats (boys 4-H) and chickens while I did the baking thing. Now years later that have forgotten about their ribbons while I hold on to them. Make a quilt maybe ? First I have to learn to sew. Thanks for all the fair memories !

Renee said...

WOW you guys are busy!!! I recieved your soap samples yesterday and love them. I was going to ship your hat to the address on the envelope, but silly me burned it in the trash this morning!!! Could you please email me your address at and I will get your hat out this week.