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Monday, July 12, 2010


Rummaging through the garage today I ran across some old gas cans and tins that I had salvaged at one of Uncle Jim's clean up jobs earlier this spring. In an attempt to please my husband by really doing something will all the junk I have collected in his garage I decided to move them to his boat/wood shed. I figured it needed a little girl-i-fying to match the rest of the granary. What's an old shed without some old stuff hanging from the ceiling~ right? So Trent and I attached wires to them all and pounded in a few nails. Wah-lah! Beautiful! I mean~ manly.... rustic.... in an antique-ish sort of way.
And did I ever mention that Rob used some of the old logs from the barn we tore down to put around my new flower beds in front of the granary?
And there are even these beautiful Lillie's that were transplanted from Russell's garden this spring that are already blooming.
That list is getting shorter every day around here.


Cathy said...


Sheryl at Providence Acres Farm said...

I have a lit like that too. As soon as I cross off a few things, a few more get added on. Its a never ending journey to the end of "the list."

But, its a good busy! Accomplishing things on my list is rewarding and usually fun!