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Friday, July 23, 2010

Moving the Critters

Time to rotate pastures again. The more progress we are making towards our ultimate goals of managing the farm with rotational pastures the more I am seeing the benefits of all the hard work that was put in with fencing. Our older horses do not require so much lush green grass so with separate pastures we were able to put the young horses and the steers on the new grass a few weeks back. Now that they have ate off the prime growth we switched everybody again and left the steers on the pasture with the most green grass and moved the horses to the other pasture. Which is also the pasture that has a functioning gate so we can get the horses out to ride easier. And also get in to work with those young horses more, that is if I can catch a certain young one that has been a little stinker lately and refuses to get caught again. Woody thought he could reclaim the love of his little life now that there was not a strand of fence separating them. He almost succeeded, too. Until those young studs came and stole her away again. Poor little short horse. They all got settled in and enjoyed their new pastures. Happy grazing you beautiful critters!

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Cathy said...

We just rotated the cows to our second pasture too. What a satisfying feeling, and they were OH SO HAPPY!