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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Berry Picking

The other day when Rob took the boys fishing they discovered a huge berry patch close to the landing. Being that I have wanted to fill up the freezer with berries this year we decided to take the afternoon and go rasberry picking. It was a nice warm, overcast day to spend out amongst the brambles. We donned hats from the dress up closet and charged right in.

We were able to pick enough to freeze a couple of bags for this winter plus to make a topping for pound cake for dessert, besides eating all we wanted.
All those good helpers worked hard.
The boys brought their fishing poles along so we headed down to the boat landing to go fishing.

There were no fishing spots left so we packed up to try another spot.
We stopped at this pretty little dam sight as it used to be a hot spot for fishing years ago.

The girls had fun playing and exploring.
The boys had fun fishing, even if they only caught a few small ones.
The bridge of course was a novelty.

And to top off the perfect afternoon, as such is my life, the van window decided to get stuck in the open position on the way home. And then shortly after getting home it rained. Poor Rob never gets a break around here. At least it's not January and 30 below, but when it is I just might have some raspberries left in my freezer and hopefully the window will be fixed by then.

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Ardith said...

I did not know that raspberries grew blackberries. Did someone plant them years ago or what? They look delicious. My husband has been on a blackberry picking kick and I have several bags in the freezer, not to mention all the cobblers we have eaten!