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Monday, July 19, 2010


One weekend off plus one jack hammer equals lots of barn remodeling progress. The barn was set up as a dairy barn years ago but was in dire need of some work, especially being that we will be housing and milking goats in it. Both sides of the walkway had cement berms running the whole length that needed to be taken out. Rob and the boys finished one side on Friday while I was at work and Uncle Jason came and helped early Saturday morning to make quick work of removing the other side. Now we just have to wait for a trailer to come so we can haul all those pieces of cement off of my yard.
The boys and I tore down all of the remaining stanchions and the old stalls.

There is lots of salvaged lumber from tearing down the old part of the barn that will be put to good use to construct new stalls one day.
After a picnic lunch we all had energy left to start cleaning out the old manure. A few kids and a skid steer make the work go quick.
The three amigos had to check everything out.
Next it was off to the pump house being we had the jack hammer for the day.
There was this old cooling tank still in there from years past that has been on the list to get removed.
My dreams include one day having this little pump house be converted into a little guest cottage complete with a little wood stove and a futon/day bed.
Lot's of sweat and muscles and cheerleading later and we crossed that project off the list.

We set up some makeshift pens in the barn to contain the goats until everything is finished. And, best of all, the buck has his own pen and a couple of the babies are separated to get weaned and sold.
Nobody has escaped yet so hopefully it will hold them until the grande finalle and the barn is finished. And maybe, maybe I can start milking again. Yippee!

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