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Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Sunshine and flowers and everything's coming up daisies today. There was no sign of rain so we headed out to ride our mighty beasts this morning.

After sorting everybody and putting bridles on we headed out through the mud to the arena.

Solomon snuck out with us so we let him tag along.

It has been such a busy summer that we have not rode much at all. We decided just to ride a few laps around the half done arena to ease everybody back into riding, figuring the horses would be silly and those unused muscles would feel it tomorrow.

Chance is always a good, steady boy and just plodded along even with Solomon and the dog and Grace running around. I had to fight Lightning to quit eating more than I rode.

We made our few laps without any major problems, some of us faster than others.

Then called it good for today and put everybody back out to pasture.

And looky, looky who we caught when we came back!

Nika wasn't fast enough this time to escape us and will be wearing a lead rope full time for quite some to come. Silly girl! Once she is caught she is as sweet and calm as can be but for some reason she likes to play her little game of catch.
Rootbeer got some loving too.

Ooops! We forgot that Solomon was out with us and that nobody led him back in. He found his way into the barn and the treat bags and the goat's hay.

Luckily he's not too wild and we spent all that time last winter working with following without a halter. He is a sucker for a pail of grain.

Nobody fell off or got hurt so we always consider that a good ride:)

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Amy said...

Sounds like a good day!