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Friday, July 23, 2010


I have accepted the fact that this year was just not a good garden year for us. In the past I have been spoiled with a lush jungle out there and more produce than I know what to do with. Not this year. This year I am learning how to be humbled and will be trusting for God's provision in another way. The garden got planted just days before 3 weeks of nearly daily rain, besides the weekly rain we have gotten since. All that rain and no sun meant that alot of the seeds did not even get out of the ground. This was the year that I was going to stock up again on pickles and there is not even one plant out there with flowers yet. The tomatoes also were needing to be restocked and aren't looking too promising. There isn't even any zucchini. The corn was not knee high by the fourth of July, but by the 20th of July. No tassles in sight yet, either. Sigh. I have resolved myself to begging for a few green beans and the extra pickles from Russell's house.
The flowers have barely even bloomed.
The few flowers that have bloomed aren't even pretty.
My trellis probably won't even get covered this year the way it's going. So much for dreams of Farmer's Markets. Maybe next year.
My attempt at starting some herbs look all right.
This should be a tub of chamomile.
But then again I have been known to nurture weeds before.
The couple of tomatoes that have turned orange are all rotting on the vine.
Something is eating my cabbage.
The onions are yellowish and sickly.
We have a few sunflowers, but nothing compared to the ones we normally have that overtake the garden with their towering beauty.
After planting the potatoes in the garden I still had lots left so we threw them on top of the ground up by the pasture fence and covered them with chicken wire then with wet hay from Russell's hayfield. They are growing better than the ones in the ground in my garden. The theory with the chicken wire first is that this fall we will flip the chicken wire over and not have to go digging for potatoes. Seems to be working swell so far.
The other garden area that is flourishing is down by the old chicken coop where I put in some extra seeds planning that they could grow up the old fence.
The plants are all dark green and lush.
The dill is heading out.
The pumpkins are starting to blossom down there too.
Hmmm.... chicken manure. I'll have to remember that for next year.


Sheryl at Providence Acres Farm said...

You poor thing! You sound do down and depressed! Gardeners are always hopeful with thoughts turning to next year's garden before this one has even finished.

Chicken manure is fabulous stuff, but strong! It has to age for a few months before you use it on the garden. Its higher in nitrogen than just about any other manure you could use.

the canned quilter said...

Don't feel alone in your gardening failures this year. We normally have produce coming out of our ears this time of year. This year we have some but not like normal. The weather just has not cooperated at all : )

~Tonia said...

I look out and think I should have planted MORE! WHat I did plant is going crazy.. But this is the first year I have had it like this in a few years since we moved the last 2 years and I had to leave the one I had planted.. Chicken manure is ideal to let it over winter and then use it since it is so hot.
Goat and Rabbit manure can be applied straight though.

Cathy said...

I hate to say it, but your garden is looking much better than ours =(

You're not alone sister, but you're right in that these are the times when we REALLY get to see God's provision and not rely so much on 'us'.


Carlton Family Farms said...

I feel your pain. This is the first time in three years that we have been able to have a garden. It would either get washed away or burned up. We moved to a new spot this year and planted more. We have done pretty good but could have done a lot better. I am already thinking of next year and what we can do with the water pumps that were given to us. What garden we had is now all burned up. I am glad we planted so early and that everything came off before the dry weather hit! Isn't it funny how you have too much water there and we are dry enough that our well has even ran dry! It is just crazy!

Jeannette said...

Sorry your hard work in the garden isn't as good as in years past. We've had alot of issues with ours this year as well, (not enough rain and alot of bugs).

Rebecca of Sunny Morning Farm said...

I am sorry Terri. Our garden is a lot different this year than any other year. Seems in the past either most everything was a failure or everything was good. This year it is hit or miss on everything. Beans...great! Not so in the past several years. I have canned 13 quarts of pickles from 3 vines this year.....usually takes 10 vines! We have cantalope and watermelons that we have never been able to grow here!!!! That could be from the HOT weather. We have lots and lots and lots of bugs and weeds this year and we have been far from organic this year. I hate that but we would have lost everything if we didn't break down and spray. For the first year we have no squash. Planted over and over and the ones that did come up died as they started to bloom. CRAZY GARDEN SEASON for everyone!!

Now about the flowers?? We won't even go there......I will just say that all my hard work in the spring was for nothing!