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Monday, July 19, 2010

Other Farm Critters

Grace came running up to me the other day to show me her new critter. A baby blue jay. Apparantly the kids had been playing in the yard and saw this little fellow on the wood pile. They walked right up and Grace picked it up in her hands. We often times watch Blue Jays out our back window so we assume they have a nest in the tree and this little fellow must have fallen out. He wasn't scared a bit. Grace set up a refuge in Lady's dog kennel and took care of him for the afternoon. When we spotted the momma bird flying around looking for her baby she set him back out under the lilac bush so she could come and take care of him. We haven't seen any evidence of him so somehow the momma must have brought him home. Besides baby birds around here there's also lots of other critters that the boys like to catch. Like frogs. And bees. Buzz! Buzz!


Teresa said...

I love the dirty hands of boys, means they are playing hard!

Carlton Family Farms said...

I have a little boy that also loves frogs and worms you just never know what he might have in his pockets. One day I was doing a lot of baking and cooking and there had been an empty Miracle Whip jug just sitting on the table
(We use these for our milk, they have a handle and we get them for 25 cents at a little local resturaunt) Any way it got to be bed time and JC had already had a bath and it was late when he started having a fit to check on his frogs, I was not about to let him back outside, for goodness sake we just got some of the dirt off! Needless to say that the jug that I had worked around was FULL of frogSS that he had caught that morning!

Jeannette said...

I showed Lizzy the critters. She loves the picture of Grace and the bird, (but we are partial to birds around here).
A lil friend of mine at church, his name is Mark & is 4 told of collecting bugs. His mom found them in the fridge in her butter, LOL. He put them in there because they "stay" when he sticks them in the butter :)