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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Summer Quilting

The quilting bug has hit hard again. Mostly because of the fair, but mainly because I love to quilt and I love to have any variety of projects going at all times, and because my husband has been nicely bugging me about finally finishing a quilt, or two, for our bed before winter, and because I still hadn't finished Micah's quilt being he has been home for over 2 years. So I delved in both feet first and have 4 projects going at the same time, not to mention a little table runner I finished in time for the fair. I pulled out the star top that I worked on over the winter, finished the border, and then decided to try to stipple it in a small meandering pattern. Try is the key word here. My old machine actually has been doing nice quilting being I figured out to change to a smaller (size 9) needle when I stipple. It was looking beautiful, and I was oh-so-proud of what a good quilter I was becoming. Even though I have quilted since I could first hold a needle in my hands I have only been learning how to machine stitch for a year or so. But then I turned it over after a little bit and the back is horrible and bunchy. Grrr..... All you quilt ladies, I need help! Help! My little quilts are fine, but these big monsters are another story for my little machine. How do I keep them nice and tight while working on them ? I stretch and pin and pin, but still bunchy. It will definitely be a keeper for me, maybe a one day cabin quilt. Then I finished a top for Cole as he wanted a "Mom" quilt, too. It was fun to work on it together. He picked the design and helped lay it all out. It's all sandwiched and in the pile to finish. Then there's the split-pea-green-monstrosity that has sort of morphed into it's own crazy creation. The green/brown/tan colors looked so good together on the store shelf, but it has kind of become, well, quite shocking. It will probably end up as a middle quilt on our bed. That's enough to make me hurry up and finish a top quilt. And, last but not least, Micah's quilt is finished! Hurray! It turned out beautiful! He picked out this cute little frog pattern flannel to go on the back of it. It made for one happy boy! Love you little beaner-biener-squash!

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