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Monday, April 11, 2011

Going on a Picnic

What a perfect spring day for a picnic! Nobody else wanted to ride horse out back so they all set off on foot and bike while I had to hike to the back forty to find my mighty steed.
Grace decided at the last minute to ride with me, but hadn't brought her bridle with, so she just jumped on~ no reins, no bridle, plus carrying her Bible case ~ and rode out back. Brave little girl!
Since we had already had lunch we enjoyed strawberry floats and venison sausage sticks for our picnic.
The kids brought books and writing tablets and spent time writing and reading.
We love that little corral!
Even if the roof still isn't on.
The rocks were still sitting in a pile from last spring where they were dumped after the barn tear down so Alexis helped me set them up into a campfire ring.
Then we just sat in the sun and laughed and talked about Trent and how good God is to us.
We made it through our first picnic out back without Trent. Another first of many.


~Tonia said...

Beautiful children and post!

Amy said...

You and your children truely "shine" with Gods grace.

Brenda said...

Sounds like a wonderful day!