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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Farmer Boy

Cole is my right hand man now-a-days when it comes to chores.
We have been milking 3 of the 4 does and getting close to a gallon and a half of milk a day with one milking. The does are allowed to raise their own kids around here. Mommas and babies are separated at night and we take the first milk in the morning, then reunite them for the day. It works swell for all of us. Once I get a stock of milk frozen we will think about getting some bottle calves to raise. And once I make up my mind we may try our hand at raising some meat chickens this spring.
Cole's favorite chores are the chicken chores. He dotes on those little bitties and pampers them everyday. I don't think there are any other chickens out there that get the love and attention and change of food and water like Cole's do. He has even pretty much taken over raising my little flock of Light Brahma chicks the past couple of months. It's become a very special time in the mornings~ just Cole and I.

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Brenda said...

Sounds like Cole is great help. My son came to help me again today. I cherish every minute working with him.