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Monday, September 20, 2010

Well, We Finally Did It

After talking about Farmer's Markets all summer long Cole and I finally decided to try selling at one. The biggest excuse we had was that the garden barely produced anything due to all the rain, then the chickens were free ranging so we didn't have eggs to sell either, and we made a new batch of soap in the middle of summer that had to cure, then football started and we were gone on Farmer's Market evenings. No more excuses. Cole's one single pumpkin from his grande money making scheme this spring turned orange so we set off to do what we had only been talking about doing all summer long. Other than the pumpkin we also put together a basket of cute little pumpkins and white gourds, along with some sewing and hollyhock seeds, and of course goats milk soap.
Then we made up a couple of pans of cinnamon rolls. Yummy!
Unfortunately the lady who always brings baking had cinnamon rolls and fresh baked bread, too. We didn't sell a single one and had to bring them all home and eat them ourselves. Cole sold his pumpkin to one of the other vendors in the first few minutes we were set up so he was thrilled! There only a handful of cars the whole afternoon in our little community, and everybody was looking for tomatoes which nobody had. After selling a package of hollyhock seeds and then buying a little jar of honey I was in the hole $1.25 for my efforts. I did get to give away several soap samples, tho.And even tho I didn't sell any soap I did let Cole make a great trade for a couple of bars~
for 2 silkie roosters. All in all we were glad we tried the Farmer's Market if for no other reason than just because we said we were going to do it. The best part of the day was seeing that smile on Cole's face when he got his roosters~ and eating all those cinnamon rolls.


Amy said...

It was worth a try and you wouldn't have known unless you tried it. Bummer you didn't come out ahead but it was worth a try.

Renee said...

How exciting for you guys!! The soap turned out beautiful, it looks so cute! We have had that experience with our small farmers market. At least you jumped out and tried. The girls and I are doing a festival this weekend with our angora yarn, fiber and products. We are excited.

Ardith said...

I would say you came out way ahead in this adventure........just looking at Cole's smile and rooster made it a real payday! Get that coop done soon! Take care and God Bless.