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Monday, September 13, 2010

The Arena

The arena the other morning before I got the crazy idea to just finish a project around here.
The arena and hitching post after working all day and not quite getting another project finished around here.
Do I care that it's not quite yet finished? Well, sort of. But do I love the transformation and how close to finished it is? YES!!! Love it!!! Ever since I was a little girl I have wanted an arena to be able to ride in. Last year for mother's day Rob granted my one and only wish for a gift and started the arena for me. Now we all know how frugal I am so between gift cards and sweet talking I was able to come up with a plan to spend next to nothing on the arena, other than sweat equity. After a steal-of-a-deal on e-bay for electric tape fencing, and coupons at Home Depot where they nearly had to pay us for the posts, and knowing the right people who have access to telephone poles, the only other thing I had to do was wait for that sweat equity time. For this year's mothers day gift Rob went out and bought me a beautiful sign (to be revealed at another time in another blog post) to go above the entrance. Well, I got tired of waiting for Rob's time to get free so I figured I could figure it out on my own, with a few helpers of course.

Alexis stretched all of the electric tape for us.
These three amigos were happy to help, too.
Grace was the clip girl.
Micah was the measurer. He now knows the number 12 very well.
Cole was the driller with his very own drill (a gift from Uncle Jim) and my all around helper for everything the whole day through.
Once the clips were all put on it was time to stretch the fence.

There were still 2 big gate posts to dig and install and 3 regular posts to put in.
In between working on his many projects, Rob came and helped us tamp the gate posts in and tighten the fences.
Then it was time to work on the hitching post. Alexis helped me measure and dig the holes. Once we pulled the kids out it was time to set the posts.
And mount the top pole.
Rob put the strapping on and the bolts in for us.
Of course once you finally have the arena of your dreams nearly done you have to run and get a few horses to put in that arena.
And play a few rounds of Red Light, Green Light.
And try out the hitching post.
Dreams really do come true, at least a little bit closer to coming true. There's still the top rail of posts to purchase and put on some day, as well as gates and THE SIGN that is waiting for another coat of stain. This is close enough for me for today to be happy.


Brenda said...

What a wonderful project to finish (well almost finish) today! An arena can be so much fun to play in. You have a wonderful team of helpers.

Mali Royer said...

Hi there! I'm a long-time lurker, rare commenter, but I've got some goat questions for you. We're thinking of getting some goats - primarily for clearing land. Do you have any luck getting yours to eat brush and weeds? How much barn space do you recommend? Do you have trouble with them escaping? Thanks!!!!

Amy said...

That is so awesome!!! I am hoping for an arena of my own someday soon too.

Teresa said...

I have to agree with Brenda, you have some wonderful helpers! Good job!