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Monday, September 13, 2010

Going on a Horse Ride

This Fall weather just begs for horse riding. Nobody around here is complaining about that! Not even Cole who has decided he wants to become a cowboy, too, and start riding horse with us.

Now that the bugs have thinned out a little we decided to take the yearlings with to get them some experience of being on the trails.

Alexis ponied Solomon for me with Chance.

Trent lead Root Beer, making many circles along the way until Root Beer decided it was much easier to just walk with Trent.
Being I was out of a mount I decided to walk with Nika. Once we got out back to the cabin sight we squeezed everybody into the corral.

No, the roof still is not on. It's on The List. Had I known we would one day have 7 horses I would have made the fence a little bit bigger.
We had the great idea of moving these rocks that Rob hauled out to make a campfire ring. After about 2 trips tho we decided they were way too heavy and would need the skidsteer to finish the job~ some day.
Trent and Micah decided to walk Root Beer back home on the short pond path.

The rest of us took the long wooded trail back home.
This was only the second time we have taken Nika or Root Beer out back since they came to the farm in May. Being that it is a good day if we can even catch Nika I was expecting quite a battle, but she really surprised me instead. The whole time she just walked calmly along and didn't get flustered or scared. She still insists on keeping her head held way too high tho.
Alexis did great ponying Solomon, even through the "woods of doom"!

The wooded trails definitely need some grooming.

I am so proud of Cole for keeping up his courage and riding the whole trail.

I know how scared he was and how many years it took him to build up that courage. At the end he was begging to ride again.

Back home safe.

Poor little Woodstockers had to stay all by himself, but he still gets his treats.

Looking forward to the next ride.

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