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Monday, September 13, 2010

The Coop

These old biddies are enjoying their free ranging life until the Farmer's Wife has time to get back to finishing that chicken coop. But the Farmer's Wife is getting tired of the dog eating the eggs and the chickens hiding their eggs so I talked Cole into working on the coop again with me when we had a rare day with no running. We finished nailing up the batt on the outside, insulated the three standing walls and covered them all with plywood. Yes, yes, I know it needs a fourth wall and a roof, but you see~ that fourth wall was nailed in just a smidgen crooked and unlevel, plus in my master plan it includes a window and a door, so I am waiting on Rob to finish his projects so he can help me (do it for me???). No, I am not nagging. Really...... I'm not..... too much. Just encouraging him..... a little.

What do ya think? A couple of windows and a cathedral ceiling for those old hens to match the covered porch and the lattice trim?

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~Tonia said...

Wow if my chickens saw the Fancy house with insulation they may pack their extra feathers and head that way!Lol
I am sure you are not nagging just reminding so he doesnt forget.... Thats what I do!