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Monday, September 20, 2010


Fall is the time of year that we start seeing more of the steers. Most of the summer they are content to just stay out back in their lush green pasture. As the grass quality is dwindling and the cooler weather is encouraging them to fatten up before winter they have been hanging around the grain trough alot more lately. The little bottle babies that we raised off of goats milk this spring have taken a new interest in the grain as well. With our fences and barn being under construction all summer long they have just been out with the big steers eating grass rather than in their own little corral where they can get fed a ration of grain every day (which causes me to consider raising a few grass fed calves next summer for resale being we did have enough pasture to sustain 3 large steers and 3 smalls steers~ something to ponder over the winter). The opportunity presented itself to easily move the little steers into a make-shift pen of their own so Cole and Micah and I took it. They are now part of the barnyard harmony every morning and evening calling for their grain and hay. And these guys are looking good, too, as they are nearing their date with the butcher.

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