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Friday, September 3, 2010

Football Mom

It's official. I am now a Football Mom. Is there such a thing? Or are there only Soccer Moms? I gave up the Soccer Mom title years ago after the umpteenth time that the soccer kids couldn't find their soccer shoes or soccer balls and really didn't care if we went to soccer practice. I vowed not to get involved in another sport that would take up 4 nights of our week. Well.... that was before some certain young man sweetly asked me if I would ever, ever, pretty please consider driving him to town for football practice 4 nights a week. Somewhere between the batting eyelashes and his sudden commitment to physical fitness and the doting on me and jumping to fulfill my every little request made me change my mind. And I honestly have to say that I have not regretted it yet. I am actually rather enjoying it. Especially the part about watching the transformation of a once little boy growing into a young man and knowing that I had a certain part of raising such a respectful, hard hitting, hard working, rooky 7th grader. And knowing that it will only last for eight weeks until I get my quiet little goat farming life back. There's not much that makes a momma prouder than hearing that 8th graders twice his size have underestimated your boy and found themselves on the ground for it. Or that the coach thinks your boy shows great aggression on the field and has high hopes for him. And who would have ever thought that I would one day know what a Liz77 is let alone what a full back does. Go get 'em Trent!


the canned quilter said...

Go Trent !!!!!

I remember those days raising 3 boys and soccer, baseball,lacrosse, track and basketball. Any kind of sport and it seemed like we were there : )

Teresa said...

WooHOo go Trent! I am a football mom also! Although I am not sure how long it will last, we don't have enough players. So we will either have to bag it for the year or go to another team...hmmm what to do. I love seeing the boys do their THING! on the field. Fun to see them work so hard!

James said...

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