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Monday, September 20, 2010

The Coop

The sun finally came out over the weekend so we took advantage of it and got back to work on the chicken coop. I have to say, for my little bit of building knowledge this has been a very gratifying project. The fact that the walls are straight and it is even nearly level has me even more giddy. I am thinking I could just make several of these for all over the farm. One by the pond, one at the cabin sight, one by the garden.... That is if I ever finish the one by the barn.
All of the material so far has been from the scrap lumber from the barn and shed tear down project, as well as recycled insulation from an Uncle Jim job. It certainly makes one get creative. I told the kids how fun it would be to paint on such a nice day and set them to work. Between 5 of them painting (plus an extra friend) most of the shed got primed (with left over paint found on the basement shelf). And mysteriously the dog and even the pig got some paint on them.
The I found a couple of monkeys to climb up and help me frame the roof.
I even overcame my own fear of heights and climbed up there myself.
So we now have 3 walls and the start of a roof which passed Rob's inspection.
Hopefully this one won't blow off.
This has been our blessing project for Rob. Considering the things he has left on his list before the snow flies, the kids and I are determined to build the coop ourselves to relieve him a little. So far we haven't had to bug him too much to help. And his part in this whole project? To move this beast of a coop over about 10 feet where the cement pile is still sitting. Can he do it? Well, I really hope so.

Cost so far: $0. Yippee! I like that!


Brenda said...

Your family makes such a great team. Working on projects like this teaches them so much! I'm sure your chickens will love their new house.

Teresa said...

WOW fancy digs! way to go!

the canned quilter said...

Good job guys ! Whan yaw'll get finished I have a shed or two I could use built. I'll feed ya good ( :

Hugs from Hickery Holler !!