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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Family Camp

The end of summer Hurrah~ our annual Labor day trip to Family Camp. A time to stuff all of our wordly belongings to survive for a long weekend plus 5 kids into the van, stop at every garage sale sign we can point out to Dad, and make a 3 hour drive into a 7 hour drive to arrive at one of our favorite destinations in this whole entire world.

There's chapel 2 times a day, walls to climb, horses to ride, lakes to swim in, too much good food to eat, cousins to play with, coffee to drink, and lot's of spare time.

Plus campfires and smores.

My Pioneer Woman pose, except in my case the bathrooms at my vacation spot are not quite up to par with hers.

And to add a funny (?) twist to this story~ the speaker casually mentioned in one of his sessions about the little struggles in this life that at least one of us would get a flat tire on the way home. Ever get that sinking feeling just knowing that someone would be you?

Luckily it happened half an hour away from home rather than 2 1/2 hours away. And it also happened to be right across from a gas station. And it also turned into a really cool God moment. For some reason mini vans have the spare tires located underneath the vehicle with a little contraption that is supposed to release the tire. The only 2 times that we have ever had a flat tire on a mini van that little contraption would not release the tire. So what do you do on a holiday weekend, when rain is threatening, and there is no hope of getting that tire off? Well, pray of course. So we all started praying and asking God to send help to His children. And wouldn't you know, here comes a red car to the rescue. After the nice gentleman couldn't get our tire off either his wife went to the back of their car and took out their spare tire and even though the vehicles were different makes the tire actually fit. They wouldn't accept anything in return other than to pass on the blessings. The other neat part about this story is that just a week ago she was in the same position of having a flat tire on the highway and praying for help when God sent another Godly gentleman to help her with only his blessing to pass it on. In the end we got to pray for them and praise our Heavenly Father as well. Glad to be home!


Teresa said...

AHHH what a GREAT story! I love having those God moments with the kids around! Looks as though you had an awesome weekend!! Glad to have ya back!

the canned quilter said...

Great family fun and a God moment ( : Hugs