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Monday, November 28, 2011

So Long Porks!

OurCrazyFarm is officially pigless as of this morning. The last of the pigs were shipped, without any troubles {thanks God!}, and some lucky patrons will soon have their freezers full of farm fresh pork. We went big in the pork department this year and raised eight pigs, in two separate batches. They were raised off of cheese and whey, along with left over garden goodies. Eight pigs, averaging a minimum of 250# each, equals a lot of cheese! Normally we don't like to keep pigs in the Wisconsin Winter as we are not set up with cold weather provisions, so it was good to see them go before the elements turned too harsh. Hibernation mode is setting in here, and having one less thing to do for chores in the snow is fine by me.


dr momi said...

I understand "one less chore in the snow"! :-)

Sherry Sutherby said...

This is the first winter we won't have pigs. I miss them already, but I, too, won't miss the frozen waters and making sure they are covered each night with their warm bedding. It will be something we can look forward to this coming spring. Boy, sure wish we lived closer to that awesome Wisconsin cheese and whey!