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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I've seen their faces

I spoke to a young man this past weekend about Trent's death. A young man, a teenager, who did not know God when he was allowed to be a role model in my son's life without even realizing it. A young man, whom I am not even sure if he knows my God yet.

But I saw his face.

I saw his jaw clench. I saw the words penetrating his very soul. I saw the fight between his pride and the tears stinging behind his eyes. Then they started . . . one by one. Tears dripping down a handsome face of a young man being broken by God. A young man that saw too clearly everything his parents diligently tried to teach him all these years was true. A young man who sin not very long ago threatened to rule, who was steeped in that sin until the stench filled the very church he has attended for years; the very church that embraced him and forgave him and loved him still when he repented. I saw his face. It revealed his heart.

Then I saw another man.

A stoic man, a man that refuses to have his heart revealed. A man who preaches it, but is not allowed to live it. A man that cannot bring himself to reveal the tears, or feel the touch of an embrace, or let the hurt run deep enough to be shattered. I fear for this man; the man with the Bible in his hand, the man without tears.


OurCrazyFarm said...

For Traci, for Donna, for those who broke the silence . . . open comments.

Sherry Sutherby said...

Open Comments. Wise woman, because like you said...we'll track you down anyway. Plus, we are all helping each other on this journey. You're not alone Terri... We all love and support every single key stroke, as difficult as it can be sometime. xoxo - B

TheLazyJ said...

Just love you too much to keep my mouth shut. :) Don't quit writing. You keep me sane in my own grieving. You are glorifying God by doing what you're doing, by being faithful, by letting His words pour out of you onto a computer screen. Besides, how could you really contain what He is speaking through you??? You are a huge blessing and voice in the darkness to the rest of us seeking our Father.

OurCrazyFarm said...

"How could I contain what He is speaking through me?" . . . guess that's when it flows . . . Your words are a blessing to me, too, ladies.