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Friday, November 18, 2011

Musical Chairs

I see them, twenty-or-so teen-agers circling metal folding chairs, going round and round and round as the music plays in the background. I see them, leaders playing the games right along with the kids. I see them, the Bibles on the shelves. I see them, the minutes ticking by, ninety of them. I see them again, in a new light, twenty-or-so souls who will face God one day to each give an account. And they are still circling those metal folding chairs; round and round and round.

It is only my job to observe this night. As I watched from my corner I realized that time was never quite found for the gospel message to be presented, let alone the Scripture to be preached. These twenty souls, in need of a Savior, in need of a message, in need of the truth; twenty souls not put in that little room by chance once a week. I wondered, "What if it's one of them who will see their Creater this Friday?" These twenty souls, entrusted to men and women this night by Jesus Himself. Men and women who will also give an account one day sooner than they think.

I pray for them; all of them. Rise us up leaders, Lord, who fear You, who know Your Word, who are brave enough to present it. Leaders that will lead; followers who will follow. Rise up men to preach the Word, hearts that will consider eternity, lives that long to be changed. Somehow we have gotten comfortable here in this fallen world.

And there they go again. The music starts, round and round and round, circling those metal folding chairs. We don't have time for musical chairs when there is a battle raging all around us.


Dicky Bird said...

I just had a cutomer over to my hosue to buy some vintage Christmas - post to come. We were talking about the Wiscosnin political scene - she is a conservative too. In my talking with her I brought up scripture, I always do, I can't be who I am with out using it as my resource for truth. I said to her "I know I keep bring this back to the Bible, but.." This post is so relavent to our everyday life - WE must rise up and be a light/leader to those who will follow. Thanks for confirming that with what just happend to me. Because you know, after she left, I was thinking, maybe I shouldn't have said that....(that rotten Devil)Blessings from Wisconsin.

OurCrazyFarm said...

DickyBird~ you also have confirmed what God continued to impress upon me. It took me days to write this because I didn't want to offend anybody~ we have to be "nice Christian's" you know. But I have a feeling that God's not kidding, He is not going to be that impartial judge we think He is. Yes, that rotten devil . . . You have blessed me, more than you know and more often than you know:))

Sherry Sutherby said...

Dicky Bird ~ I had to laugh out loud with your comment. "That rotten Devil" indeed! Terri ~ thank you for this post. I, too, seem to be the only one in a crowded room looking at my watch (ok, I don't really wear one, but you know what I mean) knowing Jesus is coming. JESUS is coming! And coming soon! What is everyone waiting for... As for us, it's not enough to slip in a "clue" (buzz word, comment) here and there passively announcing we are Christians. We must be BOLD. Brazenly BOLD. Especially with our youth, for if they don't hear it from us, they may not ever hear the promise of an eternal life with Christ Jesus. Be BOLD, stay BOLD.

Adrienne said...