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Friday, November 18, 2011

Home Schoolin'

Home school; we've been doing it for 10 years now. The grades span from elementary through high school this year; a little one-room school house right in our dining room. Young minds are being filled with wisdom every day (now if I could just get them to get dressed first and take out the garbage). Our days have settled into a nice rhythm of reading, 'riting, and 'rithmetic. I am learning again about transitive and intransitive verbs, atomic models, allegory and irony, reciprocal fractions, the phonetic sounds of all 26 letters of the alphabet and their partners, as well as the dates and names and important places of the American Revolution (Sounds impressive, huh? Mostly they hurry through the books so they can cross it off the schedule and go play). This little tidbit was interesting from the other day: did you know that the Boston Massacre really started because somebody threw a snowball at somebody else? Me either. My kids didn't either.

This is my favorite part of home school though~ snuggling on the couch with my kiddos reading books. And the best part is that every child in our house can read (to some level at least). Whew! One of my hardest jobs in education has been accomplished. Even the goofy dog enjoys a good story!


pilgrimscottage said...

I didn't know that about the Boston Massacre. Guess some people really are sensitive. Your home looks cozy with the kids, dog and a warm living room. Nice.

Dicky Bird said...

I should come for some "skoolin" as I don't talk good or speak well and am a terrible speller. Do you know how many times writting a post for my blog I have to revise my sentence, because I can't find a dictionary. No, I didn't know that a snowball fight did all that. At least your kids are learing the truth....Blessings from Ringle.

Brenda said...

You sure have a nice big snuggly couch. And, a family who enjoys spending time together. What a blessing!

Sonja said...

I love that picture of you all on the couch. What it's all about. :)