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Friday, August 27, 2010

Right Where I Belong

Aaaahhh! My three week stint of being a career woman is finally (nearly) complete and I am right back where I belong~ on my little farm being a mom and a wife awaiting that big check to come in the mail. The first thing I did was sleep in past 6:30 a.m., then I sat on the porch for a hot cup of coffee with cream and sugar and read my Bible. Of course sitting out there in the cool, quiet morning reminded me of how much I missed the horses so the next thing I did was headed down to the barn and bridled up. On most occasions I ride bareback with just a simple hackamore. There is nothing like being that close to a horse. I decided to take Solomon with again because he loves to come along and makes me feel so guilty to leave him behind. What a beautiful morning! I wish I could capture the peace of being out back on the horses through the lens of a camera. We intended to just go around the cut oat field because the mosquitoes have been ferocious in the woods. It turned out that they were even bad out in the open. Most of our ride was a nice bouncy trot so that none of us got ate alive. Once we rounded the hay field towards the second driveway I looked up and lo-and-behold there was the man of my dreams running up from Russell's house. And he even took my picture:)) And walked back with us to help get the horses through the myriad of gates and others critters to put them back in the pasture. Then I even got to spend some time working with Root Beer and Nika. Aaahhh~ so good to be back home where I belong.


Welcome to the Lazy J! A "Ranch" where God is at work! said...

Ha-ha-ha! I was reading your blog to Hannah and she was wondering who you saw running home from Russell's! :)

I'm so glad you're back home and enjoying it. We're so excited for the Show-deo. Hannah's been practicing her trotting and has been riding almost every day just to show off for you.


OurCrazyFarm said...

Too funny Hannah! I am excited for the show-deo, too, and Aunt Terri has been practicing her trot also:)))

Cathy said...

I agree, the mosquitoes have been horrendous, even during the day, out in the open! It's been terrible and there's been many days that just walking to the mailbox has ended with a time of applying itch cream! Must be all the rain we've had.....

HEY! I think I'll be calling you or Traci to bring me out trotting on those steeds of yours when I get a bit closer to my due date -giggle-