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Saturday, August 7, 2010

My Little Project

It has been far too long inbetween projects for me due to way too much running and busyness this summer. Rob has had his share of big projects to do but most of them have not included me as it takes a bit more precision than I am inclined to use and he tires quickly of all my advice so I try to stay out of his way. Remember the corral roof he so sweetly reminded me. Yes dear, I remember. With all of that lumber just sitting around out there from the tear down projects I decided to start the chicken coop to help him out. I talked Cole the chicken man into helping me create this masterpiece which is all cutsey in my mind~ a little red and white chicken chalet complete with a peaked roof with lattice trim, a little chicken door out the back, a nesting box and roosts inside, insulation and wiring, a chicken weather vane, a window with a window box and even a little covered porch with that vintage chair sitting on it from Uncle Jim~ aaahh! I can see it now! Those chickens will be so happy that they will lay us lots of farm fresh eggs for years to come. So while Rob was busy working inside the house on those never ending kitchen counter tops we headed out to start construction. Per his advice we even used a square to square the corners as best we could with all that warped wood.
The frame of the foundation and the deck for the covered porch were finished before lunch.

Then we worked hard and finished the coop floor and even got up two walls.

Then.... here he came to encourage (inspect??:)) us.

And of course.....

He brought out the level. Now the best part about our differences in construction is that usually he ends up helping me out once he sees my attempts, shaking his head all the while, yes, but those muscles and that expertise is much appreciated.

No money spent, no trips to the lumber yard and even this free screen door from that wonderful Uncle Jim and some used windows at Russell's house make this project all the sweeter.
When all the others abandoned me after supper to work again on those counter tops Trent came out and helped me finish up the last wall. 4 walls framed and a square, level deck makes for one happy farmer and his wife.


Sheryl at Providence Acres Farm said...

Nice project and helper! A covered porch is a blessing! I love mine!

~Tonia said...

Looks great!! I always start planning a project and my Sweetie cant resist it he gives his 2 cents then before you know it he is Very involved!lol He is much better at leveling and fitting things together than I am.. I tell him my stuff is temporary, his is permanent for the next 100 years!lol

Teresa said...

Yipee! Can't wait for the finished project! What a great helper you have.

Rebecca of Sunny Morning Farm said...

'he tires quickly of all my advise'......huh? Are you married to Danny's brother?? I don't think he knows what to do with ALL my advise either!! hahaha

Now you are just trying to one-up me on the fancy chicken coop aren't you Miss Terri??? I was just telling my dearest one how "I" had decided that I needed another run on the other side of my chicken coop this morning and he told me to get to work on it!!! Can you guys come help me when you are finished?

I can't wait to see it!! A covered porch, aahhhhh!! How nice! And for free too!!!

Cathy said...

You're such a talented (and motivated) gal! It's going to be spectacular, I'm sure! I can't wait to see the finished photos =)