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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Ride #14

The heat wave and humidity that we have been enduring has finally lifted. The cool mornings have it feeling almost like fall. It was too beautiful of a morning to let pass without getting those horses out on the trails so I went and found Grace and we headed out. Solomon likes to come with, too, so we ponied him. I love that little horse. Down the trail. Past the outhouse at the cabin sight. Around back on the other trail. Down the cut wheat field. Back to the pasture. Put everybody away. Pass out the treats. Thanking God for another good ride where nobody fell off~ especially me:))))))


Amy said...

Glad you guys took advantage of the break in the humidity. It has been a nice few days but they say it is gonna start back in tomorrow. I am looking forward to fall.

Brenda said...

Sure looks like fun! How long does it take for you to ride your trails? I miss trail riding.... I used to ride all the time, but life has taken me in another direction for now. Maybe someday soon ... I'll load my horse up and meet my friends at one of the trails we used to ride so often.

OurCrazyFarm said...

Brenda~ we have a few different trails cut around our 40 acres so depending on how fast we want to take or how slow (maybe have a picnic??) or which direction we want to go we can spend anywhere from half an hour to a couple hours or more riding. It is wonderful to have a place to ride right out our back door!