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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Red Light, Green Light

Our annual Horse Showdeo is coming up in just a few weeks so it's time to get those horses into shape. After getting through the traffic jam at the gate the girls and I headed over to the arena to start working. We started with simple rail work~ going around, and around, and around.
Once everybody was settled in we decided to play a game of Red Light, Green Light.
The girls lined up their horses on one end of the arena while Lightning and I stood on the far end. I closed my eyes and called "Green Light", then after a few seconds called "Red Light 1-2-3-4-5". Like in the traditional game the girls had to try to sneak up on us and stop before I got to 5, otherwise it was back to the finish line. First one to touch me or Lightning won.
Red Light! Stop Grace!
Back to the starting line Grace!
Alexis got her turn as the caller and teaching Chance to stand still and not eat grass.
It's not as easy as it looks to stop and go on somebody else's command.
What fun! Lot's of giggles and laughing! Besides sneaking in a little real horse work. I look forward to playing it again. Maybe we'll have to add this game to the Showdeo event list, right after the steer riding and the dunk race..


Cathy said...

Your Horse Showdeo sounds like a lot of FUN, so does red light green light horse style!

Jeannette said...

Aw how cute! It looks like ALOT of fun <3