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Saturday, August 14, 2010

A Little Wood Work

The second fair is coming up in another couple of weeks and we all know that life is all about the fair this time of year, or so some people say. I vowed to not go crazy this time around and enter too many new things, but there is just so much fun stuff in that fair book to work on. And did you know they pay you for winning? A ribbon and money and fun projects, what could be better? So the latest and greatest project, amongst the other, ummmm, 200-and-some-odd-entries, is a wooden bridle holder. I drew up a little pattern and headed out to the wood shop to find some scrap lumber and to cut them out with the jigsaw. Next I scrounged around and found a bucket of screws from an Uncle Jim job and screwed the 4 pieces together, stained it with some left over stain and took a hanger from the back of an old picture frame and nailed on the back. It reminded me so much of Lightning that I got the good idea to make a couple more for the girls and stain/paint them to look like Chance and Sassy. Grace got excited (because she needed another fair entry too) to work on a project with me and chose to finish her own.

We sanded and sanded and sanded.

Until those edges were nice and smooth. Next it's off to get them stained and screwed together. I'm likin' this project! Now I just need myself a nice horse barn to hang them in.


Cathy said...

And you did it again! LOL! And again I say, your creativity will never cease to amaze me! Those are beautiful!

C. Marie said...

Those are so cute! I love the idea!

Teresa said...

Great idea Terri! SOOO cute, are you planning on selling those??

OurCrazyFarm said...

I guess I hadn't thought about selling them Teresa, but it is an idea~ farmers markets maybe??? My initial thought was to make them for the girls for Christmas (the whole idea of a home made Christmas is rolling around in my head) but then didn't want to wait that long. They were a fun, quick project.