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Monday, August 9, 2010

Mom~ Ya Wanna Ride Horse?

Those are the words I heard today as I sat in the dining room, so I ventured into the laundry room to see just which little dumpling was yelling at me from the other end of the house and saw Grace and Sassy at the door. Sure Grace, let's go ride horse. She's been asking me to let her jump with Sassy and decided today was the day. We went down to the barn and got Lightning and headed out back to the half done arena.

Now Sassy is a good little following pony, but she certainly has learned how to get her own way when she wants to. It's time to get serious about teaching Grace how to ride her horse rather than just following along on the trails. First up is listening to Mom. Then we worked on rein and leg pressure.
Being the fence is not up on the outside of the arena yet Sassy thinks it is fare game to head back to the barn every time she rounds the yard side.
Taking with her one little girl who gets pretty grumpy about it.
After Lightning and I did our trotting and arena work, and were waiting for Grace to come back yet again, I decided to set up some barrels to help Grace keep her position as she worked on walking around the rail.
Wahlah! They finally got it down and made some nice, even laps around the arena.
Sassy finally decided she really didn't like to go around in circles anymore and behaved for Grace.
By the end of our training session Grace decided to just walk over the jump rather than trying to jump it today. She figured maybe she should work on rein and leg pressure a little more before she decided to get into jumping. Smart little girl.
Here's what we found once we got back to the barn. Three extra horses out.
Due to a malfunctioning gate.
Add that to the list please honey!


Brenda said...

Looks like a fun way to spend the afternoon. I'm glad Sassy decided to be good for Grace. I'm glad Grace didn't give up before she had Sassy's cooperation. Lots of lessons learned ... and great memories made!

Cathy said...

Way to go Grace! It may be hard now, but it WILL get easier the more you work with Sassy!

I REALLY want to try out jumping, barrel racing, and a few other rodeo games. Of course, I do need a horse though! >giggle< Maybe I will be able to get another one here down the road, maybe even my dream horse!

Have a GREAT week...oh..and stay COOL!