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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

My Baby... Jumping off a Telephone Pole

My baby..... Grace..... jumped off of a 130 foot (okay, okay, it was only about 30 feet, but it felt like 130 feet to see her way up there) telephone pole at camp over the weekend. She also shimmied up the Giant Jacob's ladder with Lexi.Then she climbed a rock wall and slid down a 200 foot zip line~ backwards. The scariest part? The guy with the hairy arms that had to hook up her belay line. Sorry Charlie! Me? Oh, I took pictures..... and prayed:))


Anonymous said...

That Grace is a daring one, isn't she?!
Looks like you had a super time at camp!

Rebecca of Sunny Morning Farm said...

I would have freaked out watching her! I am sure she had a lot of fun though!!