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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Big Tractors

It's the time of year for big tractors around the farm. For as much as we have weighed the pro's and con's of tractor ownership we have as yet to justify buying one. Rob has the skidsteer which works great for what we need around here, but sometimes you just have to call in the big boys with their big toys. Luckily we know enough people with big tractors who are happy to come and help out. My big brothers David and Steve came out to work up the garden for me and while they were here they dug up a big spot by the arena that we have been working on clearing for the past couple of years. There were some trees to cut down, let dry and finally burn, and while Steve was here he pulled out the stumps for us as well. We promised Cole he could begin his entrepreneurial dream of taking over the pumpkin world this fall and let him have this freshly dug area to plant his pumpkin plants. One day this will become the dry lot and barn area for the horses, but the other umpteen projects around here need to be finished first before I will even dream about springing that on Rob. Russell also came with his big tractor one day to cut and rake our hay fields. These are the 2 little fields that we planted last year just in time for a big windstorm to blow most of our new alfalfa seed away. Out of nearly 5 acres we did get 4 large round bales, but comparing that to Russell's 14 bales from 5 acres of nice hay it hardly compares. Aaaahhhh~ such is our farming life.


Welcome to the Lazy J! A "Ranch" where God is at work! said...

Cole! Remember me when you make your millions!!! :)

Cathy said...

Ohhhhhh! Nathan LOVED the pictures of the big tractors!

We're looking for either a small baler to purchase or for someone to come and do our fields too! They are beyond ready!

Rebecca of Sunny Morning Farm said...

Morgan was going to raise pumpkins and sell them one year. She had all these innocent folks (us old folks) pay her the $1 a piece in advance for them and she only got one pumpkin off all her vines!!! She just kept it and all the money too!!! She was 4 years old!!!

I wish Cole all the best with his business venture!!

Sorry about the hay! Not bad though!!

Sheryl at Providence Acres Farm said...

Tractoring can be difficult and expensive. We have a couple of very small ones that seem to do what we need right now but we could really use a big one for the snow removal.

Hubby would like to sell all the machines that we have, some limping along in need of repair, and buy one big one that will do everything.

Its hard to decide what is best to do. its a good thing the Lord is in control here.