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Monday, June 21, 2010

Science Experiment Gone Ammuck

1 Pond full of tadpoles + 1 acquired aquarium from your favorite Uncle Jim + 2 kids and my kitchen strainer = a classroom full of tadpoles.
Let's all just hope they're not forgotten in there until next September.


Brenda said...

Oh! You'll have little frogs hopping all over soon! Be sure to put a floating board or something for them to climb out on when they start getting legs. They should be lots of fun to watch.

Holly said...

Let us know if any of them survive. I'll be waiting as you've stirred so many memories.

Holly said...

Oh how I remember saving tadpoles by the coffee can full, scouping them up out of the large puddles that would form come spring and then dry up. My girl friends and I down the road would carry can after can to the ditches hoping some of them would survive. I guess we didn't have any whales to save and this was the next best thing.LOL

Then I'd have lots of frogs to catch and put in the horses water troughs. No, I was not always a popular child with my father.

OurCrazyFarm said...

Thanks for the good advice Brenda! The aquarium now has a couple of boards floating in it with several little half frogs floating on top. Grace was thrilled!

I have so many of the same memories Holly! So many of our summer days as kids were spent at the pond (swamp) catching critters and pretending and rowing our little duck boat. I did make the kiddos take the whole works outside being there was quite an interesting smell coming from the classroom, only to find that a good amount of the first batch had perished. They quickly replenished the stock and found that already several of the tadpoles were half frogs, teeny tiney frogs with long tails still. Fun stuff!