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Thursday, May 27, 2010

India Reports

As part of our adoption agreement with India we are required to send in child reports for the first 5 years that our kids are home. Grace has been home for 7 years so we are done with her reports, but Micah has only been home for 2 1/2 years. It gets interesting to write a different response to the same questions of physical and intellectual development, sleep habits, and family adaptation over and over again. How do you tell these people in an office somewhere in a foreign country how this child is an answer to your prayers and years of paperwork and heartache and longing and you love them more than you can imagine and how God ordained this very little one to be your son and you wouldn't care how naughty he was or what physical ailments he may have or how the bonding and adjustment is growing every day every moment in both of you all while trying to keep the peace of the nations by responding with what they want to hear to keep the adoption doors open so that others may follow in your footsteps all in a little 1"x8" space? Ahem.... and then there are the pictures. Now as I was looking for 4-6 photos to send in this quarter all I kept coming across was pictures like these.....
Or there were all those pictures of my sweet little dumpling working the farm.
I'm not sure that the BB gun would be the best one either.
Or the one of this sweet little boy in a freezer.
Ummm..... standing next to the edge of an open barn roof..... nope.
There's always the classic all time favorite mud picture.

I think I just may have to get him all spiffed up and take some cutsie pictures to send so they think we are normal people who really are worthy of taking care of this "naughty little boy who talks a lot". Maybe Traci was right!


Red Gate said...

We had to reports every 3 months for the first year with ours. If Micah likes to talk, I'll have to introduce him to JR. I can guaruntee competition. That boy can mentally exhaust anyone with his non-stop chatter!

That Crazy Family said...

So adorable!! I love to see other momma's not afraid of messes!

Holly said...

Love the mud pictures. Don't like the laundry those fun times cause but it's worth it. There is something irrisistable between mud and kids.

Cathy said...

Micah is one cute little boy! =)

><> Paige <><

Rebecca of Sunny Morning Farm said...

{{{{{{BIG SMILE}}}}}}

This is so sweet! You are such a good mother!!