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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Hill Billie Award

Well, we almost won it again this year. The local Hill Billie Award for worst yard in the neighborhood. Never mind the fact that we have been tearing down old buildings and sheds all spring with their own mess on the yard, that was nearly enough to win it, but then the fact that the lawn mower has decided to have issues for the second year in a row was enough to seriously consider having the neighbor cut and rake our yard for hay, too. Mysteriously the gas tank has been filling up with dirt, making a muddy mess every time we mow, and requires small hands to get into that tight spot. When it started last year we thought it was a small child who was responsible for the damage, but now that several repairs have been made and several cleanings were required to clean out the lines and filters, we think the problem is solved. Of course once it was back up and running a tire went flat. Such is our life. There are good things about lawn mowers consistently breaking down, tho. Things like working with your Dad. And also things like umpteen plum tree shoots and black walnut tree's that are nearly a foot high that I had wanted to purchase and transplant since we moved in nearly 4 years ago. See, God really does have a master plan, even if it includes our overgrown lawn.

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