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Wednesday, June 16, 2010


There was finally a little break in the rainy weather, and no work to go to, so we could get out riding horse again. Mizz Nika has decided to be a little stink again and not get caught after doing so good to start with. I guess that's what I get for ignoring her. It's gonna be time to get out the rope and catch her pretty soon. Solomon on the other hand is a wonderful friendly little guy.

Rootbeer, too, is turning into a sweetheart. Would somebody remind me please why I needed 3 yearlings, tho???

After we bridled and haltered the select horses we wanted we got our little parade started and headed for the gate.

Getting through the gate with only 4 horses out of 7 is a bit tricky.

Trent and Grace have become convinced that they could ride Solomon and Rootbeer out back. Now, granted, the horses are only yearlings, but the good mother that I am, always encouraging them to try new things, I told them to go ahead and try it. Solomon of course did fine with it as he has been coming along on trail rides since last fall and he has had a good amount of desensitization work and has carried saddles and packs out back before. He didn't mind a bit that Grace was sitting on him. Rootbeer, on the other hand, decided rather quickly that this just wasn't right and let Trent know he was not too interested in being rode anywhere today.

So, Trent decided to forgo his ride, swallow his pride, and he put Solomon back and let me pony Rootbeer. Grace quickly changed her mind, too, and switched for Sassy.

There has been so much rain the last couple weeks that the only way to high land was through water. Lots and lots of water.

Finally~ dry land.

Chance is such a good, big boy. Alexis has rode him now for 2 1/2 years and he has never done a single thing wrong. It is so good to see her love and confidence with him.

It has been a couple of weeks since we rode out to the corral. Just before we left we heard thunder starting to rumble so we couldn't stop for a picnic today.

All was going fine until Rootbeer got wrapped around the wrong side of a tree. After making a couple of attempts to grab the lead rope without getting off of Lightning, as I was riding bare back, he got loose.

The clouds were coming up fast so we decided to just let him follow along home.

He did just fine and stayed right with us. He is a calm, quiet little boy who has great potential.

In the end Alexis was able to reach the lead rope and had her first experience of ponying. It certainly wasn't our best ride, but it was great to get out again and great to take Rootbeer with us.

Happy Trails! Hope the sun shines and the mosquitoes don't bite ya Cowgirl!


The Girl in the Pink Dress said...

Oh I'm sure this was wonderful!
Horses are great for people, really, and especially for kids. It looks like you have a beautiful place! DH and I are hoping to have a nice big farm someday. There is nothing like have fields surrounding the house. Thanks for stopping by!
The Girl in the Pink Dress

Sheryl at Providence Acres Farm said...

Looks like great fun! Reminds me of my youth. I haven't ridden a horse in at least two decades.

Cathy said...

That looks like so much fun!!! I miss riding, and the feel of the horse under me. I can't wait for that 'perfect' horse to come my way! =)

God bless!

That Crazy Family said...

Looks like so much fun! My kids would love to have been there, Im envious :)