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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Let's Play Catch

Added to my daily chores is a game of catch. Catch the wild horse that is. Nika has come a long way in 4 short weeks, from not being handled to being caught, haltered, led and pet all over. She still is leary of us, tho, and does not like to be initially caught. We have started playing a game to let her decide if she wants to get caught or not. I (attempt) to walk up to her, calling her name, she chooses if she wants to stand still or run. If she runs I chase her, whooping and hollering. If she stands still, looks at me or even turns her ear towards me, I quietly continue talking to her and approaching slowly. More often than not she chooses to run.

Then she stops and we try it again.

She always heads back to her group of buddies, who are all so tame that they really don't understand why she is running around all over the pasture. Nobody is too quick to join her in her game.

It takes her several rounds of running, but at least the circles are getting smaller every time.

Silly girl! She could have just stood here like these two rather than running around in the heat.

Eventually she remembers that we only want to pet her. Once somebody is able to touch her she realizes it's not so bad. Alexis has enjoyed working with her, and it is fun to see the wisdom that they are both gaining.

She allowed me to walk up to her then and put a lead rope around her neck.

Then she quietly let me slip the halter on.

I rub her all over and have been working on a simple head down and some pressure movements. She has a tendency to carry her head very high, and she likes to toss it up as well, but every session she makes a little progress and trusts me a little more.

I let her go and attempt to walk up several more times. What a sheepish look you silly girl! You're not fooling anybody. Somewhere down there is a good horse in the making..... if I can just catch her first.

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