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Monday, May 24, 2010

My World Famous Cheese Maker

Ooops! I forgot/have been too busy/ keep on taking too many pictures/ to post about Rob's moment in the spotlight. Have I mentioned that Rob is a cheesemaker? Actually a very good cheesemaker? The factory that he has worked at for over 20 years has many, many awards for their amazing cheese. I have always lived with this little cheese store just down the road so probably don't appreciate it as much as I should, that is until I have to buy cheese elsewhere. Rob went to school for his cheesemakers license about 10 years ago. Ever since then God has been blessing us with vacations to the cheese awards, which is just a notch less than the acadamies down in Madison, WI. It is a 3 day affair, complete with tuxes and ties at the awards ceremony. We used to go as a little get-away just for the two of us, but since our adopted kiddos came home so close to the time of the awards we didn't want to disrupt their attachment so we started taking the whole family with. The kids have been taking turns going with Dad to the big ceremony while I stay at the hotel with the others and order pizza and a movie. Cole was excited because this was his year to buy a new suit, get all spiffed up, and have some very special time with Dad.
It was odd to have nothing to do but indulge in..... doing nothing. We spent alot of time swimming. The kids have become such good swimmers and are so confidant in the water. Especially Grace, who is a little dare devil. Barely 4 feet tall and 42# soaking wet, she insisted on not wearing her life jacket or her tube (which her mother kept insisting that she had too) and jumping into the deep end. Little wild child.
We also spent lots of time reading.
And watching TV, which was fascinating to the kids. Being we don't have regular TV at home it took them a little while to figure out the commercials. It did not take them too long to figure out the garbage that was on all the time and there were no complaints about not having TV at home.
And of course waiting for the hair dryer was a fun game. After 4 days in that one little room we were all ready to go home to the farm again.
The weather was sunny one day so we spent a morning at the zoo. The scenery is beautiful driving down to Madison. This year we ran into lots of road construction. Cole was so cute when he finally said "I just don't get it, what do they want us to keep looking at over there?" We also got to stop at an amazing antique shop for a potty break. Ooohh Becky, I thought of you! We also stopped and bought some baked goods for the way home from this quaint Amish family. Their horse was tied up across the road~ such a good life.

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