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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Our Newest Little Critters

Life on a farm is never dull, that is for sure. You never know when something totally amazing is going to happen. Sometimes all it takes is to slow down and watch what God puts right in front of you. Sometimes it is the very unexpected that is captivating. So, sit back, try not to be queasy and by all means, control your screams, 'cause this was really amazing. While working on another project this afternoon I happened to lift up a piece of plywood and discovered a little momma mouse giving birth. She already had little baby mice in her nest and was literally in the middle of delivering another one. The poor thing. Mice I do not like, mothers of any kind giving birth I have a tender spot for, I can sympathize. She of course took off running. She quickly found a little hole to hide her babies in and then went back to grab another one. Back and forth. Back and forth. All while Cole and I were watching. It was just amazing to see her pick up a baby and maneuver around to her new home.
Now about this time the boys reminded me that it was a mouse, the kind that eat our grain and usually make me scream. And, about this time, she happened to run under a piece of plywood that I was taking off and the plywood accidentally slipped and smooshed her and one of her little bitty babies and sent them falling several feet. Micah confirmed the verdict. I felt horrible! After watching all of her hard work and I was the one to end her little life. And then the boys started calling for the kittens. Grace to the rescue! She immediately layed claim to those 4 little bitties, gave them all names, vowed to love them and take care of them forever. She fixed up a little ice cream bucket for them and they have been traveling the farm ever since. I don't think there have ever been 4 little mice who were ever loved so much as these.
But little babies must eat. So, we got out the medicine dropper and heated up a bit of milk for them.
Somehow I got talked into helping, too, and we carefully fed 3 (yes, 3, one of them went on to mouse heaven after accidentally getting squished under the couch cushion while watching a movie) little mousies.
As far as I know, they are all tucked into their little bucket right next to Grace's bed for the night. Oh the memories that were made today!


Welcome to the Lazy J! A "Ranch" where God is at work! said...

What adventures! What memories!!! I think I would have done the same thing. :) Now, what will you do if these babies survive??!?? I suppose you could pretend they're hamsters!

Red Gate said...

Brings back memories of my childhood/teenage years. I could never turn down an animal in need, had a magic formula for any mammal, and a selection of eye droppers, bottles, and syringe reserviors. I cherish the lessons learned through those experiences.

Sonja said...

That is incredible! What a treat!